AZ History

Amur Zoloto (LLC) was established on May 28, 2010 by spinning off the gold and associated silver mining business from Amur Mining Cooperative (OJSC).

Amur Zoloto is one of the leading gold producers in the Far East, and over the past 20 years it has been consistently ranked among the twenty largest gold mining companies in Russia. The Company employs about 800 people, and its geographic reach covers the territory of Khabarovsk Krai.

Amur Zoloto produced ~ 15 tonnes of gold and ~ 69 tonnes of silver in 2010-2019.

After being merged with Kopy Goldfields in 2020, Amur Zoloto is today a part of the Swedish Kopy Goldfields Group. Kopy Goldfields is publicly traded at First North stock exchange in Stockholm. In addition to its producing assets in the Russian Far East, the Group also holds exploration and development assets in Lena Goldfields of Siberia and the Khabarovsk region of the Russian Far East.